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Evaluation Essay: Pokemon Diamond

In the end, Pokemon is not like other role playing games because of its long life. On, the author stated, "unlike other RPG's, once you beat the game there's no point in playing again, this game unlocks a brand new area for you to battle in once the game is completed" (Raganork10). After beating the game in a regular role playing game, the player has no reason to play the game again. Pokemon is different from other games because the player can never really finish the game. Raganork10 stated "After you beat the game, you realized that it was only the pre-test because you unlock a Nation-Dex after seeing all of Sinoh's Pokemon. That reveals over 300 more pokemon for you to find" (Raganork10). Pokemon Diamond not only unlocks new items and opens up a variety of new features but it also allows the player to travel back to the older regions of the Pokemon realm.

Being able to travel back to the older region from a previous version enhances the game because the player can now catch pokemon that only existed in the previous version. Furthermore, the ability to play a video game for a longer time can ensure that the game's longevity is really worth the money. Other role playing games only last for a short while. Pokemon Diamond is different from other role playing games and needs to be purchased.

To end with, Pokemon Diamond is a great role playing game and is worth the money for this game. Pokemon Diamond is different from the rest of the role playing games that were made. The game is played on the Nintendo DS system which is a device that has all sorts of miraculous features, the gameplay is always different every time a new game is played so the player can never do the same event twice and the game continues on a journey even after the defeating the last battle. Pokemon Diamond is a game that can be played over and over again that is worth every cent.

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