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Evaluation: Pokemon Diamond

To start off, the Pokémon Diamond game could not have been designed for such a better game console. The Nintendo DS system is a handheld video game console that surpassed its previous version of Nintendo’s Game Boy. The DS has many features that differentiate itself from the other game consoles. The DS has two screens on the top of the system and on the bottom. The DS is the only game console that functions with two screens. On, Ricardo Torres states that “the twist to the system's control inputs is the lower screen's functionality as a touch screen. The screen will respond to input from the included stylus, or your finger instead” (Torres). The Nintendo DS designed the screens to show a wide range of colors and the images were not only in 2-dimensional but 3-dimensional as well. The older versions of the game displayed the game in black and white. The Pokémon Diamond is without a doubt the best looking Pokémon game on a handheld game system so far. Aside from the graphics being 2D, the new Pokémon that appear in this game are more detailed and actually move quite a bit when in battle. Torres also states in his article on, “the most impressive extra built into the system is its wireless connectivity, which is composed of Nintendo's own wireless technology as well as standard Wi-Fi” (Torres). The ability to access Wi-Fi on the DS is a great feature that can allow people who the game to trade pokémon, battle friends and chat with new people. Another impressive aspect on the Nintendo DS is the compatibility with the older games. The DS has the capability to play the older version of Pokémon games on it. The DS has a slot on the bottom of the console that can fit Game Boy cartridges. The Nintendo DS is a marvelous piece of machine that many people would find irresistible to Pokémon Diamond on.

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The image on the top left is an example of the new version of the Pokeman game with better graphics than the previous games. The image was found here.

The image on the right side is an example of the older version of Pokeman games on Nintendo Gameboy. The image is found here.

The image above is an example of what a Nintendo DS looks like. The image can be found here.