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Evaluation Essay: Pokemon Diamond

The image above can be found here.

On another point, Pokémon Diamond is worth the time to play because each time the game is played something new always happens. This game is one of the best role playing games for any handheld game system because of the gameplay. In Pokémon Diamond, the person playing has several options in the game that can alter their experience. From the beginning of the game, you have the choice to be a male or a female at the start of the game. Also, you have to choose between three different starter pokémon that each have their own ability and evolutions. “The game has everything a golden RPG needs, solid combat, in this case weakening pokémon and catching them with a large variety of pokeballs, and good a good free play in which you have over 15 cities to explore” (Raganork10). In the game, the every player has a different experience that is never the same. Each player encounters different opponents with different kinds Pokémon that are skilled with a diverse number of abilities. For instance, when the player is walking around in the game in a grassy area, wild, untamed pokémon may appear. The only way to make the wild pokémon to go away is by battling or running away. The wild pokémon appear are often random and the Pokémon are sometimes equipped with moves that aren’t achieved by the player’s Pokémon. The same event happens when the player encounters other trainers. The other inescapable trainers are placed in random areas in the game that have pokémon that are also random, as a result the player does not know the level or kinds of Pokémon that the trainers have. Pokémon Diamond is worth the time to play because the game creates sort of individualism in the player. The game allows the player to make their own decisions about where to go and who to battle and the game is never the same after it is played again.

The image above is an example of a Pokemon battle. The image can be found here.

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