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The image above is a website called 'hulu' and it is an example of how media can be found anywhere including the internet. The image is found here.

Media and Its Message

Media has come a long way from the typing an article on a typewriter and sending it to a newsstand. Our means to acquire information has become increasingly easier because technology has grown so exponentially over time. In the past, the most primitive way to communicate information was through the use of the telegraphs, then as America became more industrialized, the radio became the next new way to receive information, after that there was the idea of spreading information through newspapers, magazines, television and now the internet (Rayuso). Even more recent, people can now get information straight from their cellphones. Our society depends on this media to keep moving in the right direction and do our daily activities such as work, entertainment, health care, education, personal relationships (Rayuso). People today use the media so much because it is so accessible. For example, in schools, many teachers today find it more useful to use the media to find material to teach students better. According to, the author pointed out that ''More than eight out of ten teachers (84 percent) believe that computers and access to the Internet improve the quality of education [...] also teachers cite multiple uses for the Internet, but most primarily see its potential as a research tool, and forty-eight percent of teachers say the Internet has become an important tool for teaching over the last two years''(Pastore). As American media gets more popular and more technological, society will be able access and find easier ways get the information that we one needs.

Children are often seen as innocent and very impressionable at a young age. Therefore, the people they meet during their lives can have a huge impact while growing. Consequently, when the children are left at home alone and have nothing else to occupy their time they turn to the media, especially television, for their comfort. According to, the author tells the readers that “we are constantly exposed to thousands of images of violence, advertising, sex, celebrities and much more, in fact it’s known that a child is exposed to about 40,000 ads a year” (Rayuso). When a child sees these kinds of acts on television, it could affect his or her behavior. Media has even infected many books being published today. In the book, Judging a Book by Its Cover, Cat Yampbell states “As more and more edgy fiction is being published, the books are dealing with issues that hadn’t been dealt with before: oral sex, male rape, incest. There seem to be no boundaries any more” (Yampbell 351). The author is explaining that young adult readers are venturing into more adult subjects at such earlier ages and I believe that media is to blame. Children are what the media is trying to grab the attention of because the owners of the big advertisement companies are aware that parents want to make their children happy by however means necessary. Even if it means to go to buy the products, no matter the cost, that the kids think are cool or what can make them cool.

This image above is an example of how technology is advancing at an extreme rate. The image is found here.

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